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About Us

We use big data to deliver smart digital solutions. SonoTrend is a company that was formed to solve the world's most complex big data problems. Every day scientists at SonoTrend live and breathe data analysis. The company has developed leading edge data analytics and sentiment algorithms that have proven to operate in a scalable and efficient manner when applied to the most complex tasks. SonoTrend utilizes the latest data analysis and digital ad delivery technology to provide a highly targeted and relevant solution that benefits the entire ecosystem.

Consumer TV Behavior

83% spend 34+ hrs/week watching TV

89% use a mobile device as a 2nd screen

54% use a 2nd screen daily

Why SonoTrend

Even though consumer electronics and the face of entertainment have changed significantly over the last 10 years, consumers are still watching a lot of television. What has changed is how consumers are watching.

According to Nielsen, 89% of tablet and smartphone owners use their device as a second screen while watching TV at least once a month with 52% of them doing it daily. Television advertisers are losing eyes as people turn to their mobile device during commercial breaks, hit the 30-second skip on the remote control, and watching commercial free OTT, they are seeking innovative and effective ways to reach consumers.

What has changed about television is
how consumers are watching.


The SonoTrend solution uses multiple data inputs and transforms them into a SINGLE diverse set of TV data for Digital.

Re-engage TV viewers across channels and screens

Identifying TV program viewing habits and associated demographic increases digital ad revenue by 4x to 10x.

This benefits everyone in the digital advertising chain: publishers generate more income from inventory; ad networks increase revenue without increasing share percentage; advertisers reach their target audience more efficiently; and consumers get a better user experience because they receive advertising that is relevant to them.

By anonymously storing the TV viewing history of a user, SonoTrend's solution allows for the delivery of targeted advertising even when the user is not watching television programming when advertising is delivered. The SonoTrend platform provides global delivery and has built-in support for geo-location, rich media, video, 3D and interactive digital ads.

SonoTrend Data and Sentiment Analysis Engine

Data and sentiment analysis is at the core of SonoTrend's solution. The metadata from television programs is continually analyzed along with viewers' habits to provide the best targeting possible. The program title, genre, description, cast, and theme can all be used to determine which ad would be most appropriate for an each user. SonoTrend also identifies the key topics of a program during the viewing period as well as the sentient for each topic. For example, if someone watches programs and talk shows in which Jennifer Lawrence appears, they may be presented with an ad to purchase tickets to a new Jennifer Lawrence movie.

User habits are also analyzed to not only deliver the best ad but also do it at the right time. This is done based on user engagement and clickthrough data. SonoTrend also tracks whether engagement occurred early or late in a program, or during a commercial break.

SonoTrend also provides valuable feedback to advertisers with comprehensive reporting and results. This not only includes how users are responding to the campaign but also the sentiment trends from a particular campaign.

Add TV viewing data to your existing targeting capabilities


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